Rural, Regional, Remote Law — Rewarding legal careers in rural, regional and remote Australia

What is RRRLaw?

RRRLaw offers you an exciting new legal career in rural, regional and remote (RRR) Australia.

RRRLaw highlights the benefits of practising law in RRR areas of Australia and offers current and future lawyers an alternative option to practising in Australia‚Äôs major cities.

RRRLaw has everything you need to know about legal careers in RRR Australia including:

  • Location profiles highlighting some of the interesting RRR destinations you can work in.
  • Development opportunities in RRR areas including a range of training programs to help further your career.
  • Case studies from people in RRR destinations to help you get a feel for what it is like to work in a RRR area.
  • A database of legal jobs available right now in RRR Australia.

Many exciting opportunities exist in RRR areas across Australia. RRRLaw invites you to explore the career options and benefits on offer.

RRRLaw is an initiative of the Law Council of Australia, funded by the Australian Government as part of a broader project on Recruitment and Retention of Lawyers in RRR Areas undertaken by the National Association of Community Legal Centres Inc.