Rural, Regional, Remote Law — Rewarding legal careers in rural, regional and remote Australia

RRRLaw gives current and aspiring legal practitioners an insight into what life is like in RRR Australia by breaking down myths and highlighting the exciting opportunities available to lawyers across Australia.

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What is RRR Law?

RRRLaw has everything you need to know about legal careers in Rural, Regional and Remote (RRR) Australia.

This site highlights the benefits of practising law in RRR areas of Australia and offers current and future lawyers an alternative option to practising in Australia’s major cities.


Why practise in RRR areas?

Working in RRR Australia could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. The work covers a range of legal disciplines; you will make meaningful connections in some of Australia’s most interesting, diverse and desirable locations; and you will make a difference in the community.


Development opportunities

Whether you are a soon-to-be, a law graduate or have been practising for years, RRR Australia has many development opportunities available to you.